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Image of Kid's Hyperlite Divine WakeboardBig Girls' 2021 - 134

Kid's Hyperlite Divine WakeboardBig Girls' 2021 - 134 | Hyperlite Wakeboards > There's no stopping her progression when she hops on the Hyperlite Divine Wakeboard. Designed to master basic skills and hone in on more advanced maneuvers thanks to a forgiving and smooth-riding continuous rocker profile,...

Image of Hyperlite Jam Wakeboard

Hyperlite Jam Wakeboard

Fully redesigned, the Jam is re-shaped with a thinner overall board layup from tip to tail. This thinner board body provides the full flex characteristics cherished by today''s park riders. The new profile allows Hyperlite''s Fully Machined Crossover...

Image of Hyperlite Blueprint Wakeboard

Hyperlite Blueprint Wakeboard

Trever’s Blueprint provides wakeboarders of all abilities a freewheeling and soulful ride that can break free in the flats and hook up on approach for a crazy pop off the wake. The deep long spine on the belly breaks up water and Trever says it’s...

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